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I fought a demon

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1 I fought a demon on Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:01 pm


I was praying for my food when a demon sent by a certain woman five years ago suddenly attacked me as I was praying. I have Angels in my house, and I decided to pray for them also to get some food. While I prayed, the demon attacked me, and attempted to scare me. It was a black demon that looked like charcoal. Upto now, it is trying to confuse my language as I am typing. There are alot of secrets I know about the demon, and so I will try to expose what I know. I once tortured it when it caused my stomach to ache. I reflected back its powers and caused it to cry. It was very furious when I exposed its secrets. They say that about 50 billion people are in hell, but only about 5 million are in heaven. The number is even lesser than what I perceived. I also want to inform you that, it doesn't want it's secrets to be known because, there was one demon whose wing was stripped by the devil when it abandoned its assignment.

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