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Don't let pastors lie to you that God is a mercyful God

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Don't let pastors lie to you that God is a mercyful God

There are alot of pastors who tell people that God is a merciful God or is He too merciful? God is not that merciful, you need to see how those people are suffering in hell in order to tell how God is authoritative, and how he judges people when they end up in hell. I have people in my neighborhood who mock the Holy Spirit because they think that they will go to a pastor and have their sins to be forgiven. Jesus meant what he said, but a pastor will try to convince you otherwise. That you have to make a sacrifice in order for your sins to be forgiven. If you ever dare say that, you will receive the eternal condemnation! He doesn't care how many times you're sorry. He will just cast you to the Devil who will reap you to pieces. Consider this video and change in your life. Know the things you do, you will be answerable!

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