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About Demons

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1 About Demons on Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:45 pm


A Demon cannot talk, it only talks by making a clicking sound that sounds like feminine. It's mouth is like that of a grasshopper. Jesus on the other hand is someone who would just look like an ordinary person when you met him. There were different encounters when Peter and other disciples met Jesus in a different form. It is only evident that the Jesus you imagined would take the form of an ordinary person. Mary Magdalene was asked by a man who she thought was a gardener when he asked her, "Whom do you seek?" She then replied that she was looking for the LORD'. "They have taken his Body." It was then that he revealed himself as Jesus.

Back to the topic of Demons!
They like to portray Jesus and his Angels as homosexual yet it is they themselves that engage in homosexuality. Even male demons get sodomized by other male or female demons. They don't wear clothes or shoes at all! They depend on humans for a place to sleep. They also need food to eat and will therefore feed on the energy you emit when you're satisfied.

Demons are very perverted sexually, when they are not engaging in intercourse, they also like to touch your private parts all the time. It is like their way of intimidating you as well as thinking that you're enjoying what they're doing. When you don't approve it, they use it as a form of torture. They also like to think for you and tell you the best roads to take, and what choices to make.

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